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Avionics Division

FDS System (Flight Data Service)

    The FDS Flight Data Service System is a FDM PC oriented data replay and analysis software developed to give users the greatest level of flexibility and configurability possible. The software is designed to make flight data replay and analysis easier and is dedicated to improving flight safety and increasing economic results. FDS has nineteen years of constant development and improvement behind it in order to achieve a productive replay and analysis system for flight data supervisors.

Direct readout  from many kinds of Flights Data and Quick Access Recorders is available:

  • Honeywell SSFDR (KD3 unit)
  • AliedSignal SSFDR
  • Sundstrand SSFDR
  • Teledyne OQAR
  • Penny & Giles OQAR
  • Loral/Fairchild F800
  • Lockheed LAS209
  • Penny & Giles QAR (by P&G DRU)
  • Sunstrand FDR/UFDR
  • BUR-1 (ZBN-1)
  • MSRP-12 (DUMS)
  • MSRP-64 & 256 (MLP-14-5, MLP-14-6, KBN-1)
  • TESTER U3-L, & U3-2
  • PrNK 54 (MLP-14-3)

   FDS system is the one from the most powerful and flexible PC computer based flight data processing avionics software package on the market.